Friday, July 30, 2010

The Body Doesn't Know It's the Weekend

Friday, a day to let loose a little and celebrate. It's been a good week so I've earned that Wendy's combo and maybe a couple of beers and popcorn as a late night treat.

It's easy and tempting to think that way, but the body doesn't understand that this is the weekend. No, the body would take a combo meal and stow it away in some fat cells just like this is a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If the body is going to be consistent, then that really means the eating habits have to be consistent without any major setbacks just because it is the weekend. Truthfully, the weekend is the time a person should do better, not worse on their diet. That's what I plan to do between now and Monday morning. It's not going to be painful or difficult. It's something I can easily do.

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