Saturday, July 24, 2010

Changing my Point of View

Talk to people who are trying to lose weight and the vast majority will tell you that dieting is hard. That attitude by itself guarantees a 90% failure rate. When we think of something as hard, difficult, near impossible to achieve, it becomes very easy to quit when we face a few challenging decisions or when we don't see the rapid success that infomercials tell us we can achieve.

In reality, the process of dieting is easy. It's a matter of thinking about your eating instead of following the patterns that added on the extra pounds. Most of you can probably relate to the following things about my eating habits:

---Rarely do I eat because of hunger. Most of my eating is habitual based on the time of day, or impulsive when there is food easily available.
---When given a choice between wholesome food and junk food, far too often I pick the junk food.
---Even though 300-400 calories is enough to give a person a full feeling, I almost always eat more at meal times.
---Special occasions get treated like special exemptions from dieting.

My eating is mostly a pattern, a habit that has me consistently taking in more calories than are needed from week to week. My subconscious, my impulses, are going to follow that problematic pattern like a plane on automatic pilot. I've got to turn off that automatic pilot and make my choices all conscious choices with the bigger picture in mind. It really isn't that hard and it really will work. Just don't drift back to that automatic pilot mode. Just don't sacrifice long-term health for short-term pleasures while trying to lose weight. And stop telling yourself that dieting is hard--that kind of thinking is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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