Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free Food Isn't Really Free

Is there anything that will derail a diet faster than free food? Pictured here we have a peach tart with a cream topping that supposedly was fantastic. That was brought in Monday by a co-worker. Next we have the bowl of candy that never empties. It's in a central location near the switchboard. Finally, we have a dozen donuts brought in Tuesday by another co-worker. I'm writing this Tuesday evening to post later in the week. There's no telling what other items of "free" food will appear during the week.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, be extremely vigilant whenever you are around food that is free or at a bargain price. That peach tart might have been free of cost but it was full of calories. The same is true with the candy bowl and the donut. The same is true if you pig out at a wedding, birthday party, office party, or any other function. The same is true if you super size your combo meal because it's such a bargain price. The same is true if you buy sharply discounted chocolate after Christmas and Easter--that's one of my major failings from the past.

You can do this. I passed on all of the above and it wasn't because of any great surge of willpower. It really is easy to pass on 2-3 minutes of pleasure in exchange for keeping a diet successfully on track. I saw a lot of the other office dieters partake of the treats over the last two days. They thought the free food was difficult to resist because they think dieting is difficult. I found it easy to pass on the extra calories.

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