Sunday, July 25, 2010

Monday's Game Plan

Sunday went well. A small breakfast, then at the pizza place I had one small slice and two salads, and that was followed by hardly any supper. With lunch being my only significant meal, it doesn't seem like too much harm was done by going back for the second salad. It was an opportunity to eat healthier than normal so I ate extra with hopes that it would last me for much of the day.

I haven't been listing morning weights so far or keeping up with calories. I'd prefer not to do those things. Instead, I'll basically rely on making good decisions to produce good results. I can tell you that the scales actually showed 240 pounds one morning last week, the first time I've hit that milestone. It was after the reunion and all the eating done going to and from the reunion. It was also after a stretch where I generally thought "what's the point of dieting since nothing seems to be working". I had a failing attitude leading to a failing diet plan. This morning that weight had dropped down to 233-234, still too high, but more encouraging than a big 2-4-0. (Added note Monday morning: weigh-in this morning was 232.5 so at least I've quickly gotten rid of that excess which was quickly gained. I might start weighing on just the first of every month. I'll go until August 1 without a weigh-in and see if that lack of knowledge feels like it is helping or hurting.)

There are two or three big things that are in the game plan for tomorrow. Number one, there will be candy readily available at the office. I can easily skip that. Number two, someone will probably bring cookies or cake or donuts for the employees tomorrow. I can easily skip that as well. It's a choice between successfully getting rid of 60 pounds or getting a couple of minutes of eating pleasure. That's really a no-brainer in favor of the successful diet angle. The last thing I need to do isn't really hard, but it's the one I have to watch out for the most: habitual eating.

I eat the same general things at the same general times from Monday through Friday. Rarely does any of this eating occur because I'm hungry. Rarely does the portion size vary. I eat what I eat because that's what I'm in the habit of eating. It's not hard to wait for hunger before eating if a person thinks about their eating instead of going on automatic pilot. It's not hard to cut back on portions if a person thinks about it instead of simply sticking with a routine. All I've got to do in think before I eat throughout the day on Monday. Do that, and dieting will be easy.

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