Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Hopes About Writing This Blog

I wanted this post near the start of the blog so I'm backdating it to July 24 even though I'm writing it on August 1. I've been writing about this "dieting is easy" approach for just over a week and the hit counter at the bottom of the blog indicates that I'm currently writing for myself and maybe one or two others. That's to be expected. After all, I've had several dieting blogs over the last few years with the results being weight gained--why should anyone spend time reading this blog right now?

One could also ask why a person should spend time writing a blog when it is hardly being read. That's a totally different thing. First, I'm writing this because it will help me in the present, and second, I'm writing this in hopes that it will help others in the future. Maybe it will just be one friend who finds this helpful. Maybe it will be one stranger that I never know about. Hopefully it will help a few more than that, but I have no illusions of being America's next great dieting guru.

I'm not guru material. I don't want to write books, sell DVDs, hold seminars, and basically try to make a million bucks off of people struggling to lose weight. I want people to realize that the vast majority of us can lose weight and keep it off without having to line the pockets of those in the diet industry. We don't need diet books, or medication, or surgery, or personal trainers, or prepackaged meals that cost twice as much as regular food. Mostly we need belief in our ability to succeed. Mostly we need support from others instead of hearing that tired old bleating that "dieting it hard". I'm not guru material but I do have belief and I'm willing to be supportive.

Of course all of the above means totally nothing if I'm not successful in losing the 50+ pounds that I have as my goal. Actions speak louder than words, and I'm counting on my actions and results over the next few months to convince people that maybe there is a reason for reading this blog.

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