Saturday, July 31, 2010

Waiting on the Weigh-in

Tomorrow is the 1st of the month so I'll get an official starting weight. I did get on the scales this morning and it registered 230 pounds, a much better result that the 240 in the middle of July after I returned from the family reunion.

Since I did some yard work today and then walked almost an hour in the afternoon heat, tomorrow's weight might be a shade below 230. It doesn't really matter much. The first really important weight will getting below 220 pounds. I haven't seen the 2-teens in a long time.

The next big weight to break though will be 210. Okay, partially it's big because we have this thing about numbers that end in zero, but there are two other key reasons. First, 215 pounds has been a real sticking point for me, both in dropping down and in gaining. My body has a thing for that 215 mark so getting below 210 will be a good indication that I've passed that barrier. And second, the mark between obesity and overweight for my height is around 207 pounds so that will be a big deal to get to the lower edge of obesity.

No point in getting too far ahead of myself here. The first thing is to get into the 2-teens and we'll see if that's a 1 or 2 month project. Let's get that accomplished before looking too far ahead.

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