Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yesterday Was Easy

Believe it or not, it does make dieting a lot easier once you stop thinking that dieting is so hard. When you think something is hard, you naturally assume that you chances of success are small. Combine this low expectation for success with the high desire to eat lots of stuff, and it is any wonder that so few diets succeed?

Let's look at my situation for today. My family is going to meet at a Pizza Inn for lunch to celebrate Mother's birthday. It's a buffet, so the cost of the meal is the same if you eat 2 slices or 6 slices. If my attitude is that dieting is hard and chances for success are low, then it would be easy to allow myself the 6 slices. Why pass up free food that I'll enjoy for a few minutes if the odds of losing weight are the only thing that's slim? It's that self-fulfilling prophecy. If success is so hard to achieve and maintain, then does one really want to try very hard? That's why it takes such strong motivation for a successful diet, motivation that is strong enough to make a person try hard even then they think success is unlikely.

But dieting is easy. It says so right there at the top of this blog. If dieting is easy, then the likelihood of success is high. If the likelihood of success is high, then why would I derail such a good opportunity by eating 6 slices of pizza at lunch? I'm going to pay the same either way, I'll feel the same either way, so why screw up my success for a few minutes of whatever pleasure pizza gives to my taste buds? The choice is easy to limit myself to a fairly low calorie lunch today.

Is this just playing with words? No, it's changing my attitude. I've had an attitude of expecting failure and failure has been the results. With an attitude of expecting success, I fully expect for success to follow.

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