Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1, 2010--229 Pounds

Now we have an official weight and starting date for the diet. It's really just a formality to pick today as an "official" start since the last week or so has been spent cutting back on food and increasing my walking. Plus, considering my 240 pound day in mid-July surrounded by several other days in the high 230's, the weight loss has already been significant.

The only reason to go with this date and this weight as the official start is so I can tell people, "Well, since the first of August I've lost ___ pounds." People like a nice clean beginning date instead of something vague like mid-July. Also, while it would sound impressive to tell people that I've lost 11 pounds in two weeks, that weight loss is just the easy pickings that comes before the serious work begins. I've lost those pounds in the 230's numerous times, now I need to tackle these serious pounds in the 220's that have been with me for most of 2010.

I'm expecting to tell a lot of people about my weight loss in the future. Not in August and maybe not in September, but by October the change in my weight should be dramatic enough to prompt some comments and hopefully questions. Maybe by then I'll be able to better articulate how this change from assuming "dieting is hard" to believing "dieting is easy" has made such a big difference. Or, to put it another way, I've stopped assuming failure as the almost certain outcome of a diet and have started believing in the success that will come from my efforts.

Do you remember when bicycles only had one, two or three gears? The bikes didn't have those easier gears for climbing steep hills. When approaching a big hill, the trick was to really build up your momentum and hopefully that momentum plus a strenuous effort during the climb would get you to the top of the hill. That's a good image of how most people see dieting.

They see dieting as this big steep hill that is very difficult to climb. Almost impossible to climb unless they are able to combine strong motivation with a strenuous effort. Without that high level of motivation, dieting success is almost impossible--just as those big hills were impossible to climb unless you had really strong momentum when you started at the bottom. Since that high level of motivation is difficult to find, most people think deep down that their diet is unlikely to succeed and they never really put forth their best effort.

I was one of those people who saw dieting as a giant hill to climb. Logically, dieting has always seemed easy in concept, but then we have so many people telling us that it is very hard to lose weight. We've been brainwashed into believing that losing weight is nearly impossible. Break free of the brainwashing and suddenly there's a flood of reality that success is very achievable. I've broken free of the brainwashing and am finding that losing weight isn't really such an impossible hill to climb. A steady effort is all that's needed to get to the peak and it isn't something that's gut wrenching or painful. It's just passing up a few minutes of pleasure each day for months and years of better health and life. It really is an easy choice to make.

Unlike past diets, I won't be checking my weight every day. The scale is going to be stored on a high shelf in a closet and it won't come down until the first of September. In the meantime, I'll stay active with posts to this blog. Brainwashing isn't reverse in a day and I need to keep reminding myself that my day to day efforts aren't difficult or painful and the success of my actions is guaranteed. We'll have a little more proof of that in a month.

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