Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dealing With a Wednesday

Wednesday night is set aside for going out and have a few drinks with friends. It has always been a night where I'd be happy if the daily calorie total fell in the mid-2,000's. That's a level that hardly constitutes dieting, but one that isn't too far off from what a man should have in a typical day.

Back in the days when I kept pounding my brain with the mantra that "dieting is hard", I thought that a somewhat diet neutral Wednesday was a good effort. Now that I've changed my mindset to one of "dieting is easy", I'm not conceding defeat on my Wednesdays. Instead, I'm finding that it's not very hard at all to make Wednesday a good dieting day.

Today started off with a ham-and-cheese breakfast sub and there was a yogurt during a mid-morning break. That's about 400 calories. Lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich with pickles on the side--a maximum of 350 calories. Add in 160 calories for the afternoon break and 250 calories as a snack before going to the bar. That puts me up to 1,160 calories and I added 300 more with 3 light beers. Maybe I'll add another 250 calorie snack before bedtime, bringing my daily total to about 1,700 calories at the most for this Wednesday.

That's not bad. In the past I would have doubled the calories at lunch, had some free candy during the day, and probably stopped at Wendy's on the way home. A day that most likely would have topped the 3,000 calorie level. That's what I would have done back when I was thinking dieting is hard, back when I was conceding that Wednesdays are lost days. Now I believe that successfully dieting is easy and that makes it easy to keep my Wednesdays on track.

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