Friday, August 6, 2010

How Often Should a Person Weigh?

Most dieting experts say a person should not weigh every day. I’ve ignored that advice for the last four years of supposedly dieting. Weighing myself every day is a habit I got into back in the athletic days when dieting was the last thing on my mind. I became very accustomed to seeing my weight go up or down by one, two or three pounds from day-to-day depending on my sporting activities. Therefore, I knew to take with a grain of salt the daily fluctuations that occur during a diet.

In hindsight, I think the daily weigh-ins while dieting might have been a poor idea. Back when I was thinking that dieting is hard, finding myself stuck on a particular weight for several days would get me thinking that no matter how hard I try, my body just wasn’t going to lose the weight. With that mindset of doubt, it was easy to go ahead and cheat a little—or cheat a lot.

Now I’m only weighing on the first of each month. I’ll undoubtedly encounter those plateaus where the body just doesn’t want to drop lower, but now I won’t have the daily negative feedback tempting me to give up on any serious dieting efforts. I’ll stick with my plan and that will push me through even the most stubborn plateaus. I have confidence that every weigh-in will show that progress is being made, and that progress will reinforce my new belief that dieting is far easier than we have all been led to think.

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