Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Top 10 Reasons for Failing to Lose Weight

Everyone who struggles in their attempts to lose weight has reasons for their lack of success. In no particular order, here are my top-10 reasons for why I've been failing in recent years with my weight losing efforts:

1) Being in my mid-50’s, my metabolism has gotten slower.

2) I was obese as a child which has a statistical connection with being obese as an adult.

3) Inherited my father’s body type and he was always overweight in his later stages of life.

4) The hectic nature of my life in recent years has made it impossible to establish a consistent routine for good health.

5) There’s been no time lately for exercise and even if there was time, my hip and various joint ailments often make exercise difficult.

6) My sleeping difficulties lead to fatigue during the day, and eating snacks for quick energy is sometimes the only way I can stay awake.

7) Between my job, writing, and working on photos, I’m sitting at a computer much of the day. That makes losing weight hard and gaining weight easy.

8) Because I’ve dieted so much in the past, it seems like my body is more resistant to dieting efforts in the present.

9) I’m not much of a cook and fixing for one is difficult, so I end up eating a lot of processed food and fast food meals.

10) I’ve always had a sweet tooth and junk food is my downfall, especially when there are always free treats to eat at the office.

Some of you can relate to my reasons for failing to lose weight, others of you have totally different reasons that probably put mine to shame. We all have challenges to overcome with dieting and everything else in life. The big question is will we overcome our challenges or will our challenges overcome us? That's what it comes down to when trying to maintain a healthy business, a healthy family life, a healthy weight, or a host of other things.

There's some legitimacy in my top-10 reasons and also some weak excuse making. Losing weight would be easier if I were 28 instead of 58, but I'm not. If my childhood obesity makes losing weight more difficult now, then that's just the way it is. If lack of available time is a problem, then I have to look at ways to manage my time better. On the other hand, it wouldn't take much extra time to fix better meals so that's a weak excuse. Also, sitting at a computer for much of the day doesn't mean I can't get up and walk several times for 10-15 minutes.

There's no individual item on my list that is particularly difficult to overcome and even when the list is taken as a whole, it isn't anywhere close to being an insurmountable obstacle. In my mind I've seen my reasons for failure as major roadblocks that would be difficult to overcome. Now that I look rationally at the things that have supposedly been holding me back, the difficulty starts to fade away. Considering the benefits that I'll have to gain by losing weight, working my way through these challenges is something that isn't going to be difficult at all.

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