Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1, 2010--225 Pounds

The one or two people looking at this ice cream cone might be thinking, "Uh-oh, Frank's cheating on his diet." You are correct, but not in the way that you think. I walked Tuesday evening for over an hour and then stopped and got an ice cream cone for supper. By walking and avoiding a meal of solid food, maybe tomorrow's weigh-in will be a pound less (I'm writing this on the evening of August 31).

The number isn't going to be great when I step on the scale tomorrow. I'd say that 225 is the best I should expect. If it is lower than that, then the walking and ice cream cone trick worked better than expected.

Let's just say that tomorrow's weight is 225 pounds. That would be a 4-pound loss in August, not bad and certainly a pace that would really look good a year from now, but I had hoped for more. For the 31 days of August, I'd say that at least 25 days were under 2,000 calories. Of the few days over 2,000 calories, I doubt that any of those were as high as 3,000 calories. The food intake wasn't the problem, it was the lack of consistent walking.

The summer heat and difficulties with my hip and other joints were a real problem in August. Enough of a problem that I consider the combination a legitimate excuse for hardly walking at all. Those excuses won't fly in September.

All in all, August went well from the dieting standpoint. It just wasn't reflected on the scale. The good news is that the dieting part really was easy. Staying from the junk food, the extra sandwich at lunch, the drive thru at Wendy's--all of those things were easy. The parts I can control were easy, now it's up to my body to respond in the right way. If I keep cutting back on food and start adding in more walking, I have high hopes that September is a month that could produce an 8-10 pound drop. I'm going to really work hard to make that happen.