Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 18, 2010--227.5 Pounds

Dieting is easy--until you get busy with a lot of stuff and lose focus on the goal of losing weight. That's what always seems to happen to me. I get involved with the blogs and photography and end up sitting at the computer far too many hours each day. I end up taking photos of bugs in the field by the office instead of walking during break times and at lunch. I don't get enough sleep, leaving me tired during the day and looking for snacks as a "pick me up".

Maybe you are different. Since dieting is mostly about not doing something, namely not eating too much or too often, maybe you can stick with dieting when your life gets busy. It seems logical that dieting should be independent of most other activities, but it never seems to work that way for me. If I don't focus on dieting, I fall back into old habits that derail my attempts to lose weight.

The bad news is that I've basically wasted the last 6-7 weeks instead of making progress on getting my weight down to a more healthy level. The good news is that I didn't backslide too far. My plan is to really cut back on the photography except for photos of friends and family. Also, I've got to cut down on the time spent blogging. Too often I come home and sit down at the computer instead of going out for a 30-45 minute walk. With some time spent during breaks at the office, I should be able to get in 60 minutes of walking per day plus time for stretching to ease the pain that usually comes with walking 60 minutes per day.

It really is important that I start focusing on me instead of on everyone else.