Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dieting is a Trade-Off, Not a Sacrifice

You ever had one of those situations where you were saving for something big and special? Maybe a new car, a down payment on a home, a wedding, college money for the kids, etc. In order to achieve that one big thing, you had to trade off a lot of little expenditures for a stretch of time.

That's what dieting is all about, trading off little treats and unneeded calories for one big accomplishment that will be much better in the long run. When I'm around people who are dieting, too often their focus is on all the sacrifices they are making and how hard it is to pass up the temptations day after day. I've been guilty of this often. I can tell you from plenty of experience that the more a person fixates on what they are giving up instead of what they are trying to achieve, the more unlikely it is that they will have dieting success.

I want all of you imaginary readers to try something today. When you see something you really want to eat but really don't need, focus on how great it is that you are one step closer to your big achievement because you didn't succumb to that particular temptation. If we all can change our focus to the big picture of our final destination instead of the small changes that are needed to accomplish our goal, then that would go a long way towards successful dieting.

(Got to get to work--no time to rewrite this first draft. By the way, I was down to 233 pounds today and more importantly, yesterday was a very good day of working towards my final destination.)

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