Friday, December 31, 2010

End 2010 on a Good Note

Today is a non-work day for me so I have complete control over my eating schedule. During the work week it is almost required to eat a meal before 7 and from 12-1:00 even if I'm not particular hungry. On my non-work days I can eat based on hunger. It's 7:30 right now and I haven't eaten since there's been no signal from the stomach that food is needed. Maybe that signal has been drown by the flow of diet soft drinks, something that starts early in my day and doesn't slow down much until I go to sleep at night.

Since I have no big plans for this evening, there really isn't an excuse to do poorly today. Tomorrow I'm going to my brother's house to eat lunch and watch the MS State football game, so that might not be an absolutely great day. That's all the more reason to make this the best day possible when it comes to not eating food just for a temporary taste satisfaction.

For the record, my weight was 232 this morning. It seems like that's up from yesterday which would be no surprise. I'm trying to be aware of my weight each day while also not paying much attention to how it compares with the previous day. Good dieting days are what I need and while those may not be reflected on the scales from day to day, they will be reflected in good results over the weeks and months.

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