Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Have "Officially" Lost 5 Pounds

I did weigh 238.5 pounds on my birthday (December 17) and now the bathroom scale showed 233.5 pounds this morning (December 22). If only dieting was so easy, especially since there was a party day during that 5 day stretch.

It helps the results if you start off on a morning following an evening out for a big supper. It would be more fair to say that I started out around 235 pounds, and there's nothing bad about dropping down to 233.5 over 5 days. I'd love to have that rate of loss for the next half year. The thing is, getting wrapped up in "how much, how fast" is a good way to blow a diet. I just need to keep focusing on doing the right things and letting my body make the adjustments.

This planning thing has worked better than expected. I can't tell you (not that there are any of "you" really reading this) how tempted I've been to have a piece of chocolate, a cookie, some candy, etc, at work. I really, really, really want to just stuff my face and then start dieting at a more convenient time like after the first of the year. That would be time lost, and extra pounds gained that needed to be lost. Not a very good route to success.

Today I'll eat my regular breakfast at work, then pass on the goodies in the lounge and the various candy bowls. At 10 I'll have my 100 calorie thing of yogurt. At lunch I'll have my usual 500-600 calorie meal. This puts me at about 1,000 calories for the day, not what a person might need to shoot for when dieting, but eating less would greatly raise the probability of me deciding to stuff my face and diet after the first of the year.

This afternoon I'll be off work, making brownies as one of my tasks, and then going to a party at 6. I will eat and drink at the party. This is not a diet day--HOWEVER--it doesn't have to be a totally blow your diet day. Sample the goodies, don't stand in one spot and shovel in treat after treat. Don't be the martyr, but do show some sort of discipline. Keep in mind that getting down to 230 pounds will require some sacrifice. After that we will focus on getting down to 225, then 220, then 215, etc. I'll will make these twelve 5-pound steps down to 175 pounds, but it all starts with that first step down to 230 pounds. Let's don't backtrack too much by being a pig this evening.

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