Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lost 4.5 Pounds in One Day

The good news is the impressive 4.5 pounds lost in one day. The bad news is that my weight this morning was 234 pounds, much too heavy for my 5'10" frame. As you might imagine, the 4.5 pounds lost are more of an illusion than a reality. Thursday evening I ate out with friends, leading to a disappointing display of 238.5 pounds early Friday morning. Friday afternoon I went out walking and hardly ate any supper that evening. Then I slept till mid-morning instead of getting up early and stepping on the scale. Combine those factors and a big weight loss isn't unusual.

Friday (12/17/2010) was my 59th birthday and I'd like to lose 60 pounds before my 60th birthday rolls around. That would put me around 175 pounds, my weight from around the time I hit my 40th birthday. It's going to take some work, better planning, more discipline, and a consistent effort. Depending on a person's attitude, these changes are either easy or difficult. I guess the actions needed for success are easy, keeping the attitude of wanting to do those actions is difficult.

I'm going to a Christmas party this evening. My plan for today has been to eat less than normal until the party. I've been successful with that up till now and there's no reason for me to falter over the next couple of hours. My plan at the party is to enjoy myself, have a few beers and have some food to eat. Just don't indulge in the desserts, sticking instead to the cold cut sandwiches, fruit, etc. Also, don't stand around a bowl of dip and aimless eat away. That's a good way of adding 500 calories to the evening. I can enjoy myself without setting back my diet. It really shouldn't be all that difficult.

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