Monday, December 20, 2010

Need a Plan for Monday

"Failing to plan is planning to fail."

I'm not sure if anyone famous has claim to that quote. It should just go down as a universal truth, one that has been around for thousands of years. Planning out our work day, our errands, our weekends, etc, is something we all do--and then we tend to leave our food choices open to the whims of the moment. We all know that following our whims when it comes to food choices is a recipe for disaster.

Today there will be free, wonderful tasting food in the lounge at my office. Christmas goodies sent to the office, leftovers from weekend parties, nice gestures from co-workers--there will be a mountain of temptation waiting in our office lounge all day. Definitely a situation that needs a plan.

I'm going to eat my breakfast ham and cheese sub no matter what is available when I get to work. Then if Myrna brings in donuts early like she often does on a Monday, I'll pass on adding that to my breakfast menu. At break time, there will be the temptation to have a cookie or brownie or popcorn or whatever. I'll have a 100 calorie yogurt instead. For lunch, I'll have the 500-600 calorie item that I brought to the office, and I won't have dessert "just this one time". And I guess it goes without saying that I need to pass on morning snacks from the candy bowls posted throughout the office.

Since I'm taking the afternoon off, it makes it easier to avoid the pitfalls of the office. Things get a little better in the afternoon since I don't have much junk food at home. I'm going to a basketball game to take photos at 5. That's not much of a problem until I'm heading home. The thought of stopping at Wendy's will cross my mind--I need to let that thought pass on by. Then I'll get the idea to stop at McDade's for some frozen item that can be heated in the microwave. Got to pass that by as well. I need veggies this evening.

That's my plan: avoid the temptations at work in the morning, don't supplement my lunch with extras, avoid a lot of snacking in the afternoon, and eat healthy and light this evening. That shouldn't be a hard plan to follow. If I'm even halfway serious about losing weight, I will stick to this plan today.

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