Monday, December 27, 2010

Now the Excuses Are Over

Got on the scale this morning and saw 235.5 pounds, better than the 238.5 which appeared after my birthday 10 days ago, but a long, long way from where I need to be. Started to put "where I want to be", but it's hard to say if that's accurate. Naturally I want to be closer to 175 pounds if there's no work involved. Do I want to be closer to 175 pounds if it means cutting way back on the junk foods I eat and starting to exercise more? That's the key question.

Christmas is over so now we reach that equally deadly season of Christmas leftovers. People will be bringing the leftover goodies to work, passing along the extra temptations and calories that they don't want sitting in their homes. This is a bigger test than anything that will come up to celebrate the New Year. This is a day when I absolutely must stay on track and skip the free junk in the office lounge. It's not really such a hard thing to do, I simply need to follow Nike's advice and "just do it".

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