Sunday, December 19, 2010

Party On--as in 2.5 pounds back on

It was no surprise when the scales showed 236.5 this morning after last night's party. That's an increase of 2.5 pounds from Saturday morning, a decrease of 2 pounds overall since Friday morning--really somewhat of a normal fluctuation for this time of year. It's like when you fill up your car's gas tank. The car weighs more even though the car itself hasn't changed at all. Or like when you have extra junk in the trunk--that makes both a car and a person weigh more.

I could have done better at the party last night, could have done worse. While losing weight requires a lot of changes, I don't want to become a boring martyr about this process. You know that person, the one who seems to delight in telling everyone just how much they can't eat and how much they are suffering and sacrificing in order to lose weight. All I can think about when those people start talking is that I wish they would suffer in silence.

My goal is to create a realistic life style and discipline that will allow me to enjoy life while keeping my weight at a reasonable level. That means being able to enjoy myself at a party without going overboard, and making choices before and after the big event that lessen the damage done by a festive evening.

Today I need to work on lessen the damage of last night. This is a day when I really need to follow that idea of only eating when hungry, and then only eating a little instead of eating a full meal. It also is a day that has to include some walking, something that can be as simple of walking around the block every so often when I'm tired of sitting at the computer editing photos. It's a simple plan and it will make a small difference. That's the key to successful dieting, stringing together a lot of days with small, positive differences. I can't lose 60 pounds today, but I can make a step in the right direction.

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