Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Planning Seems to Work

Thinking in advance about the various pitfalls at work and how I would deal with them really worked well yesterday. My only deviation from the day's plan was that I did get a 500 calorie frozen meal for supper--not a bad substitute in the plan.

Today needs to be more of the same--don't be tempted by the snacks in the break room. Don't mindlessly pick up candy when passing any of the candy bowls at work. Don't over snack at night as a reward for doing so good during the day. This needs to be a very good day.

For the record, my weight today was 234.5, down from 235.5 yesterday. It's unlikely that I'll get below 230 to start the New Year, but I can get close. Got to run--there are a few things that I need to pick up at Kroger's before getting to work.

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