Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Pound Lost on a Bad Day

Even though my weight dropped to 234.5 this morning, yesterday really wasn't a good day. It's sort of like being in school and not reading the assignment, but everything works out okay because the teacher doesn't call on you. Sometimes the wrong actions work out okay for a day. It's just that the wrong actions almost always generate the wrong results in the long run. That's certainly true when it comes to dieting.

My approach to food has to really become one of just eating when I'm hungry. That's not 100% possible since a person has designated times to eat in most work situations. That's okay since it is only two times during my day, right before starting work at 7 and sometime between 12 and 1. It's all the other times when I eat for reasons other than hunger that are causing me the problem. I suspect that only eating when my body asks for food through the hunger mechanism would cut my eating almost in half. That would go a long way in getting off all of these extra pounds.

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