Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why a Successful Diet Never Stops

I was down to 231 today which is good news, but more important is that yesterday was a very good day of keeping away from extra calories. There will be times when good days don't bring a visible result on the scale. There will be times when good days actually are followed up by an increase in weight. That's normal. The key is stringing together a lot of good days and not counting on stringing together a lot of days with weight losses.

Got to stop at Kroger so this will be a quick thought. I logged on to a website this morning that has a calculator for daily calorie needs. Let's suppose that I exercise 3 times a week, something that needs to become a future routine. At that level of exercise, a 59 year old, 5'10" man weighing 235 pounds needs 2,598 calories each day to keep his weight level. With all things staying the same except the weight dropping down to 175 pounds, that man needs just 2,223 calories per day to keep his weight level.

It makes sense that the person who isn't lugging around 60 extra pounds is doing less work. That's the point of dieting, to take some of the strain off the body. However, it means that if you successfully diet and then go back to your old level of eating, you will eventually go back to your old weight. It doesn't sound fair, but reality often isn't what we want it to be.

For now, my concentration needs to be about losing weight. Once that goal is achieve, I'll have to focus on either exercising more or continuing to eat less. I need this weight loss to last 20 years, not the 20 months or so like what happened back in 2006.

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