Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Distraction Season is Over!!!!!!!

The last 5-6 weeks of every year are known to most as the "Holiday Season", starting off with Thanksgiving and ending up creeping into the next year with New Year's Day. For those trying to diet, it is also the "Distraction Season" or the "Season of Temptation" or whatever else you want to call it. For the person on a diet, it is a big win just to keep from gaining weight during this season where eating too much is the expected norm.

Now that is all behind us and hopefully not too much of it has taken up residency on our behinds. Now we reach that time of year where people hunker down and wait for spring. Let me suggest to you thousands of imaginary readers that we make this our special "Dieting Season". A time when we combine our most determined dieting efforts with the quarter of the year that offers the least amount of excuses for diet breaking.

I'm asking all of you with a significant amount of weight to lose to join me in a goal of losing 20 pounds by the end of March. That's a significant amount of weight that you will notice once April rolls around. How significant? The next time you are grocery shopping, pick up a case of 12-ounce sodas. That's just under 20 pounds. Carry that around for about 5 minutes and then feel the relief when you put it down. Now think of the relief of not having to deal with that much weight 24 hours a day.

Can you do this with me? A three month stretch that we focus on as our "Dieting Season" with a goal of dropping 20 pounds. We have to start now. We can't yo-yo with our efforts, having two good days followed by a bad day. All of us will have days that aren't as good as they need to be, but we can avoid the major blowups that send a diet reeling. Three months, 20 pounds to lose--we can do this.

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