Monday, January 3, 2011

Don't Put a Gift Snack in the Mouth

Before talking about dieting, let's acknowledge the clever title for today's post. It would seem that being named a "Blog of Note" is just over the horizon with writing like that. For you hundreds of imaginary foreign readers, I should explain that this is a play on words regarding an American saying, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth". Other countries have the following sayings:

---Don't check a gift chicken's beak.
---Don't squeeze a gift cow's teats.
---Don't examine a gift goat's feet.

For some odd reason the sayings in other countries rhyme as well as refer to livestock. Well, while today's title is a clever play on words, what we need to think about is doing the exact opposite of the wisdom from those old sayings. This old wisdom basically says to accept a gift from someone without doing much examination of the quality of that gift. That kind of thinking is deadly for the person on a diet.

People are always offering us free snacks. How often have I jokingly said, "Well it would be rude to say no" right before accepting and consuming some 500 calorie treat? Too often to count. Free food isn't free when it comes to calories unless someone is giving you a bottle of water. That's something I'll need to keep in mind today because it is a certainty that some of my co-workers will be getting the holiday snacks out of their house by bringing them up to the lounge at the office. The free snacks will be there and they will be tempting--but they won't be free of calories.

During our special "Season of Dieting" in the first quarter of this year, if you can just avoid the food offers that seem too good to pass up, then your chances for success will go up greatly. That means passing up the free junk food offered by other, passing up the Christmas candy that is now 50-80% off the regular price, and even passing up the chance to Supersize a meal for only 39 cents. Don't let all of these "bargains" turn into a bad deal when it comes to your dieting.

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