Sunday, January 9, 2011

Making Progress

This morning's weigh-in was 230.5 pounds. It's hard to say where that leaves me in regards to how much weight I've lost. It's down 8 pound since December 17th, but only down 4 pounds since December 18th. It seems like I was down to 231 right before New Year's Eve, and I'm positive that my weight was 234 on January 2nd.

Considering all the food and liquids that we consume and expel over the course of a day, it's not surprising that the body's weight fluctuates. It's better to look at body weight like the stock market. There will be up days and down days which we shouldn't get too excited about one way or the other. The more important thing is if the trend is in the upward or downward direction. Right now my weight is going in the downward direction and that's a good thing. Once that trend gets down to the 225 pound area, then we'll know that there has been a significant change.

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