Saturday, January 29, 2011

Making Some Progress

The scale showed 230.5 this morning, a little bit of progress and not too far above my goal of 225 pounds. Changing my focus to achieving small goals instead of thinking about the final destination seems to help. Going out for a walk today is such an insignificant part of the journey needed to reach 175 pounds, but it is a nice piece of the plan to get to 225 pounds.

When looking at the big picture, every action taken is such a small percentage of what will be needed to achieve the goal. So small that it doesn't seem like it will hurt much if the action isn't taken, doesn't seem like it will help much if you do the right thing. By looking at smaller targets, it makes each step in the process more important because you can see how that one action will actually help achieve your goal.

With that in mind, I walked twice yesterday for a total of about 40 minutes, and I'll go out and walk sometime today. And, even though I'm going to a fundraiser event this evening, I can find a way to eat less throughout the day and then ease back on the calories this evening. Maybe, just maybe, I can get that weight in the 220's by the start of next week or at least by the middle of the week.

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