Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Seven Deadly Tins

While not as bad as the seven deadly sins of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride, these seven tins of cookies are potentially deadly to the dieting effort of myself and my co-workers.

They were in the office lounge Tuesday morning, apparently leftovers from the company's gift giving during the Christmas season. At a whopping four pounds each, that's a total of 28 pounds of cookies just sitting there and tempting those of us who really need to lose some poundage.

There will never be a time when temptation takes an extended holiday. This week and for the next couple of weeks it will be free cookies in the lounge. Year round it will be free candy at strategic spots around the office. Every fast food place will have value menus and super size specials to entice you into eating more. We either learn to resist these daily traps or we concede that our dieting efforts will never be successful over the long term.

Looking at the big picture, I have too much to lose if I don't buckle down and lose some weight. I've made a lot of sucker deals in recent years, trading small moments of taste bud pleasures for years of better health. That just can't continue in my life and I won't trade in years of living for small tokens like a handful of Danish Butter Cookies. Whatever it takes, this diet is going to work and last.

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