Monday, January 17, 2011

Time to Start, Not Quit

This morning's weigh-in was 232 pounds. The good news is that this is better than my weight a month ago. The bad news is that my dieting momentum has been non-existent over the last week. That recent past doesn't have to be my near term future or my long term future.

It's a shame that we humans can't just totally stop eating and switch totally to running off our stored fat. We are like those hybrid cars that use both electricity and gasoline. Or in the case of people like me, some use the energy source from new foods without ever switching over to the stored energy source. It seems like dieting would be much easier if we could flip the switch and go a month or more totally without food. Eating nothing seems easier than eating just a little.

Not that it matters which is easier since not eating isn't an option. I've got to get back to eating less than what my body needs, doing this day after day for several months or however long it takes. My simple 3 step diet is what I need to follow:

1) Eat when you are hungry.
2) Don't eat unless you are hungry.
3) Hold the calories down to 400 calories or less when you eat.

Physically, that works amazingly well. Mentally, it is tricky because of item number 2. Most of the time we eat for reasons other than a sign of hunger from the body. I've got to get back to viewing food as a fuel and using more of my stored fuel over the next few months.

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