Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 6, 2011--230.5 Pounds

Will try to stay consistent with my dieting and consistent with my posting for the rest of this year.  Just got back from visiting friends in Dallas and I'll see those same friends around Halloween.  That gives me just about 4 months before my return trip and I'd like to be below 200 pounds at that time.  That is a challenge that can be accomplished.  Plus, if things go slower than expected with the weight loss, then at least I can drop from the obese to overweight level, a change in designation that is right around the 207 mark for a person of my height.

It's all about eating less--it is that simple.  What's hard is to admit to yourself just how much less that needs to be.  I'm overweight because my average food intake is too much for my age and activity level.  There's a cutback that's needed just to get back to the normal food intake, and then an additional cutback that's needed in order to make my body burn stored energy.  A double cutback is the requirement for weight loss, not an easy concept for those of us with a natural desire to eat too much.  Fortunately, while it might not be an easy concept, it isn't an impossible concept to implement and achieve. 

I've discovered that waiting for a sign of hunger before I eat leads to very little eating during a day.  Most of us eat well before the hunger signal goes off.  During the times of dieting when I would wait for the signal and they eat a small amount, maybe 300-400 calories, the drop off in my eating was amazing.  Personally, I would prefer to eat 4,000 or more calories per day because eating is a great source of short time pleasure, but the good news is that eating below 2,000 calories a day isn't something that involves physical pain.  It just takes some mental toughness.  Let's see if I can find some of that for today.

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