Monday, July 11, 2011

The Reunions are Over

The last 3 weekends have involved 3 reunions, a long weekend in Dallas with friends, and 1,700 miles of extra travelling in the truck (see THIS POST on my main blog). I don't want to say that I totally quit dieting during that 17 day span, but must admit that I quit about 90% of my dieting effort.

There aren't many excuses on the horizon so maybe there will be time for the diet to take hold. Now truthfully, a very strong willed person on a diet could have gotten through the last 17 days and lost a few pounds. Of course, it's not the strong willed who have trouble with overeating and obesity. Most of us need a couple of ideal weeks at the beginning, ones where the temptation is low and we can get a little momentum going. I guess it's like planting a crop where the seeds need good conditions at the beginning in order to sprout roots and get a grip on the situation.

I need to get a grip on this diet situation. There is a plan in mind for going forward, but I'll try it out for a few days or a week before writing about it.  No point in writing about anything that I can't stick to for at least a week.  Less than 6 months to go in this year.  Work needs to start now if big changes are going to be made in 2011.

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